Our Products

The only solution built from the ground up tailored to SaaS delivery, modularized design for the ultimate deployment flexibility, and unparalleled rapid implementation capabilities enhancing speed to market.

The integration and inclusion of the latest methods and tools have been the goals starting with the initial design of the environment, allowing for the seamless use of home grown or 3rd party functions to analyze, predict and model business cases in real-time, during the insurance transaction.

The platforms design, implementation processes and architecture allow for streamlined deployment timelines, allowing customers to go live in a fraction of the time required for other system options.

A complete suite of integrated modules that manage all the functional needs of an insurance company, with the capability of providing individual modules to fit into a ‘best of breed’ integrated environment.

The individual functional modules can stand alone and fit into large company infrastructures to address a specific functional need.

Nexilis has designed and architected the solution to seamlessly incorporate the most current technology tools and environments: It is not just an afterthought like the competitors, who are trying to catch up

Our Insurtech solutions and products engage in innovative technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Blockchain
  • CAT Models
  • Risk Scoring